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Aqua Mare Seaside

In a modern and welcoming environment, our valued guests will find the ideal place to enjoy cherished views, cozy and modern architecture, along a wide array of amenities. So book your stay in one of our rooms or suites by the sea and welcome to Aqua Mare Seaside!

White Room

In the heart of New Kallikratia

Our hotel is superbly located in the center of Nea Kallikrateia, just a breath from the beach and the vibrant town, with taverns, cafés and restaurants, shopping facilities and much more.

Do you wish to combine your vacations with a visit to the iconic Thessaloniki? Aqua Mare Sea side is located just 25 kms from Macedonia airport and 35 kms from Thessaloniki.

Just 20 minutes from Thessaloniki

Open all-year round

Aqua Mare is open 24/7/365 and invites you to enjoy laid-back vacations by the sea, business travel or weekend getaways throughout the year!

Amenities & services




Comfortable rooms


Bathroom with shower


Bath toiletries


Satellite TV

Our buffet breakfast

Here at the Aqua Mare Seaside, we believe in a good start to the day, which is why here a rushed breakfast is unheard of.

You can enjoy a buffet breakfast of wholesome, good quality food which will give you a nutritious boost, to enjoy your day outdoors with just the right amount of energy.

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