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Agios Mamas

Worth it to see

Agios Mamas is a small scenic village between Kassandra and Sithonia which has a stunning beach and provides all the necessary facilities to its visitors. The old chapel of Agios Mamas was the place where the festival used to take place; thus, has been already replaced by a new church and a modern cultural centre.

It is famous for its trade fair in the first days of September commemorating its patron saint Saint Mamas on 2 September.

The inhabitants are involved in olive farming for green table olives and olive oil as the rest of the villages of the area Olynthus, Kalyves Polygyrou and Gerakini.

Its seaside is the continuation of Kalyves Polygyrou's with a very long sandy beach, after the river Olynthios delta, including Papa Aloni beach and Portes before Nea Potidea



Worth it to see: 

  • The small wetland of Agios Mamas, an important location for breeding and passage waders. The wetland with the standing water has sand-dunes and reedbeds.

  • The “Touba”, one of the most important prehistoric sites in Halkidiki. At the west side, the cemetery of the Early Cooper Era is the oldest cemetery ever found in Macedonia.

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