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Sithonia Peninsula

The second leg is Sithonia. The peninsula surrounded by the Toroneos Gulf.  Was named to Sithon, son of the god of the sea Poseidon. Less populated is preferred by travellers who enjoy nature and tranquillity. 

Sithonia peninsula is also home to a number of well-known Blue Flag beaches. This includes the small beaches either end of the perfect horseshoe cove at Neos Marmaras, popular with families for the shallow and calm waters. The resort beaches and sandy coves of Porto Karras are also Blue Flag beaches, with white sands and plentiful water sports on offer. Armenistis, Platanitsi and Sikia beaches on the east coast of Sithonia peninsula are also well-visited Blue Flag beaches, but the most popular along this coastline is the 2km long Sarti beach, which also has a thrumming beachside promenade and views over Mount Athos. Vourvourou is a rugged stretch of the Sithonia coastline well worth a visit too, for its white sandy beach, clear waters and cluster of islands just off the coastline. There are also coastal paths ideal for short or long walks and a handful of tavernas perfect for a pitstop.

The Most Famous Beaches of Sithonia 

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