What Should I do Before Travelling Abroad?

The best way of planning a safe trip is to prepare well in advance. Regardless of your reason for travelling abroad, getting yourself informed is essential so as to avoid problems, and even emergency situations.

An informed traveller is a safer traveller. Here, we provide you with information that is useful for any trip abroad. 

In addition to checking the "re-open Eu" website that are specific to the destination country or countries, you should also bear the following tips in mind:

General Recommendations

Check the Greek government website, There are the main source of information about the country that you are going to visit. You can find up-to-date information about the country's entry requirements, the documentation and visas needed to travel, the security situation of the country, healthcare, vaccinations, currency and key phone numbers of interest. Before booking your trip, check the current travel restrictions for your home country and the countries you’re planning to visit. Make sure you do this even if you’re just traveling through a particular country to get to your final destination.

Check the healthcare situation and the vaccinations needed per country on the Ministry of Health and Social Policy and Equality's website.

Traveller Register

Give a family member or friend the details of the trip that you are going to take, including the dates and places you are going to stay and sign up to travel.gov.gr 

Check the local coronavirus (COVID-19) situation

Before you travel, find out about the local coronavirus situation and any specific policies you should know about, such as using public places. It’s also important to know how to access local healthcare services if necessary. If you still have any questions, you can always check with the property when you arrive.

National Public Health Organization Greece

Keep your distance

Whenever possible, choose online check-in and cashless payments while you’re exploring your destination. Maintain physical distancing guidelines as recommended by the local authorities and WHO.

Monitor yourself

If you develop any symptoms linked to coronavirus during your trip, isolate yourself, inform the property staff, and contact local health authorities for further info.

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